Metaverse Machines

About Metaverse Machines

Metaverse Machines (MM) is a small independent venture developing technology in the emerging Sansar social VR platform. To clarify, MM is not directly affiliated with Linden Lab or with the Sansar project directly.

MM is primiarly the creation of Galen in Sansar. If you have an account and have your Discord account linked to Sansar's official server, you can reach Galen under the username "Galen#0010".

Metaverse Machine got its start in June 2017 during Sansar's closed beta. Projects have included Reflex scripts, Clockworks, Hoverpark, HoverDerby, Miner Difficulties, and many other tech and art projects.

MM's primary outputs are Sansar scripts and complementary web and data services, including Reflex and access control lists.

MM also gathers and analyzes usage statistics. See current statistics about existing experiences.