Reflex4 scripts and services

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What is Reflex?

Reflex is primarily a set of scripts for use in Sansar. There are already ### scripts to choose from, with many more in the works. You can drop an object click script in an object to make it mouse clickable and then add a teleporter script into a landing pad on the other side of the server to create a simple teleporter system, for example. Or swap the object click out for a trigger volume so the user only needs to step in one place to get teleported. Or swap the teleporter out for a sliding door. This plug-and-play system of components makes it relatively easy for the nonprogrammer to quickly add basic interactivity to any scene.

Reflex scripts have been around for over a year. Each major version of Reflex has brought with it a wealth of innovations. Completely reengineered from scratch, Reflex4 ramps up performance, fosters dynamic reconfiguration, enables you to create multi-part machines, facilitates object pools, streams continuously variable data values, and so much more.

Reflex4 also pioneers true web integration. Script configuration can be daunting, but every script has its own richly detailed documentation page that lets you configure and analyze your script settings right here. It'll even translate the settings you select into a plain English description so you can know exactly what behavior you'll get out of it. And you can copy settings back and forth between this web site and your experience during live programming sessions or while you are editing your scene. Very soon Reflex4 will also include direct HTTP integration with this site and others as Linden Lab releases its much-anticipated support for HTTP. Expect to see new web services appear here that let you dramatically expand what you can do with your Reflex-enabled experiences.